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Innovative Strategic Solutions


Educational Leadership

Distributive Leadership, Leadership and Program Development, School Improvement, Grant Writing, Organizational Development.

Teacher and Leadership Development

Teacher and Administrator Support, Professional Learning Communities (PLC), Professional Leadership and Mentoring, Instructional Coaching.

Curriculum and Instruction

Curriculum Writing and Development, Common Assessments and Design, Instructional Design, Intervention Strategies and Techniques, Data Analysis.

Business Consulting

Strategic Planning, Project Management, SWOT Analysis. New Business Implementation, Existing Business Plan Implementation, and Business Plan Development and Implementation.


Our Amazing Team

ISS Consultants are professional educators who, guided by a strong sense of community, are academically strong, skilled and morally committed to educating in a wide range of culturally diverse learning environments.

Dr. Andre Dukes

Dr. Andre M. Dukes

Owner, Chief Consultant
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Faith DiAngelis

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Angel Stepp

About Angel

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